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The Oberwerth leather types

Here you will find all the information about our unique types of leather


Classic Line

Oberwerth's vegetable-tanned leather is a natural product and meets the highest ecological standards; it is harmless and free of heavy metals. No varnishes, plastics or similar surface sealants are used. This is the only way to guarantee that this leather is a natural, low-pollutant product. The open-pored and extremely breathable leather is therefore more sensitive to stains than conventional, industrially manufactured leather, but lovers of such leather appreciate the natural patina that results.

Since leather is a natural product, each hide has areas with a fiber structure of varying strength. Depending on the fiber structure, color pigments penetrate more or less deeply into the hide during vegetable tanning. Thus, it can happen that the naturally dyed, chemically untreated and especially not coated natural leather discolors when wet, prolonged and direct contact with fabric and high humidity. Please be aware of this especially at the beginning of using your bags, the effect will fade after a few weeks. The discoloration should normally come off in the machine as these are water based inks that are used.

The only way we could change this would be to chemically treat (seal) the vegetable tanned leather afterwards. You could also say if we were to botch. However, with our vegetable tanned leathers, the desire to preserve the natural look and pleasant feel of the leather is paramount. This is the only way the bags form their unique patina over time.

These discolorations are therefore rather a quality feature of the bag and the proof that it is really a vegetable tanned bag. They do not represent a defect.


Casual Line

A milled, full-grain and particularly high-quality thick leather with light pigmentation.

Full-grain and with a natural full grain. Made with the best colorants and fatliquors. The leather is of the highest naturalness.

As it is almost natural on the surface, it impresses with its soft and warm feel. Only first-class Central European hides are used as raw materials.


Hydro Line

In the past, leather was protected against water with grease. In addition, chemical impregnation was applied before the first use.

Hydrophobic leather, on the other hand, is treated during the tanning process so that it is naturally water-resistant for longer periods of time. The technology for this has existed for several decades, but until now production was limited to material for robust boots.

Through improved, modern processes, however, we have created an elegant, light and particularly high-quality leather. Our hydrophobized leather is as breathable as normal leather but has some improved properties in comparison. The fact that the material is hydrophobized means that it dries faster and thus ensures better heat regulation.

Our hydrophobized leather is also visually impressive, as there are hardly any water marks or stains on the surface.

With hydrophobized leather, strong heat and moisture exposure (e.g. heavy sweating // in tropical climates) can lead to subtle discoloration on clothing. This effect will fade over time. The discoloration can normally be removed in the washing machine.

noble finish

Vintage Line

The vintage leather is a through-dyed cowhide that receives a special pigmentation in a final step. This makes the surface of the leather insensitive and reminiscent of old leather chairs in smoky back rooms or the furniture of a classic hotel bar. The light cognac hue of the leather evokes associations with the famous coloring of the North American "Indian Summers". The bags have a wonderful "used look" and a unique character.

Leather is a natural product, and the leather we use is of the highest quality and as natural as can be. Due to these inherent characteristics, the colors of our leathers may vary slightly. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about color.


Soft Leather

Our top-class cowhide!

A butter-soft cowhide with a very delicate finish, dyed with the best dyeing and fatliquoring agents, gives us a leather with an incomparably supple feel.

"Soft" is a leather that is always warm and soft and impresses with a natural, sporty full grain. The leather is based exclusively on first-class southern German bulls. The tanning is an ecological mineral tanning.


Luxury leather

An extremely soft leather that develops an individual patina over time - that is our Luxury leather.

The finely grained calfskin is sourced from the most renowned tanneries in France and has an incomparably strong fiber structure. A double tanning process with vegetable tanning agents is used here and ensures a clever balance between suppleness and strength.

The hides are semi-aniline tanned, followed by the addition of fat liquors in hot air barrels. This allows the fat to really penetrate the interior of the hides, so that over time a beautiful patina, a soft feel and a certain water resistance (although not guaranteed waterproof!) can develop. This leather is the best leather imaginable and has been used by the best-known fashion manufacturers for over 60 years.

rare & special


About the size of two DIN A3 sheets - that's how much leather can be obtained from a horse's croup.

This rarity and its special texture give this product its ultimate exclusivity. Its surface is soft, non-porous and has a luxurious gloss finish. A high natural fat content gives the leather a water-repellent effect. The leather is uniquely soft and yet firm in itself, which makes it an excellent leather for our beautiful half cases.

In the event of large temperature fluctuations, a small amount of sebum may escape, which should be worked back into the leather with a brush (not a cloth). Over time, an incomparably beautiful patina will develop.


Ostrich leather

The leather of an ostrich is characterized by the characteristic, nubby grain pattern: this is where the feathers of the noble animal were anchored during its lifetime.

The skin of the ostrich has been used to make leather for thousands of years and was already a popular material in ancient Rome, where it was used to make breastplates for soldiers, for example.

Ostrich leather is still extremely popular today due to its softness and durability. It is also breathable and extremely robust.

Robust & soft

Horween leather

Our wonderful Horween leather is a product of the Horween Leather Company, which has set itself the task of creating the best leather in the world. The calfskin is coarse but not deeply grained.

This preserves the softness of the leather and perfects its look and feel. The supple leather also impresses with its durability and robustness, making it an excellent leather for everyday use.


Under the following link you will find information on the proper care of your Oberwerth leather product:

Leather care