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Half Cases von Oberwerth | Oberwerth Bags

Half Cases by Oberwerth

Our high-quality Half Cases protect your camera during all activities without compromising on optics. We use only the highest quality leather and the most experienced staff to produce our high-quality half cases for your leica camera.

Besides different types of leather you often have the possibility to choose between a version with or without access flap for the SD card and battery. We have thus met the demands and requirements of many photographers who use their Camera daily and are looking for reliable and practical protection. 

With an Oberwerth Half Case you invest in maintaining the value of your equipment and ensure that there is no damage to your camera when you sell it. Our sewn-in aluminium protects your camera against possible damage at all times. 

Of course, you can still use your shoulder strap or hand strap from Oberwerth with our Half Cases. 

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Leica Q3 Half Case / TagCase® PremiumLeica Q3 Half Case / TagCase® Premium
Leica Q3 Half Case / TagCase® SignatureLeica Q3 Half Case / TagCase® Signature
Oberwerth TagCase® Q3 Casual ReporterOberwerth TagCase® Q3 Casual Reporter
Leica M11 Half Case (open version) PremiumLeica M11 Half Case (open version) Premium
Leica M11 Half Case (open version) Ostrich LeatherLeica M11 Half Case (open version) Ostrich Leather
Leica M11 Half Case (open version) SignatureLeica M11 Half Case (open version) Signature
Leica M11 TagCase® (open version) PremiumLeica M11 TagCase® (open version) Premium
Leica M11 TagCase® (open version) ostrich leatherLeica M11 TagCase® (open version) ostrich leather
Leica M11 TagCase® (open version) SignatureLeica M11 TagCase® (open version) Signature
Leica M11 TagCase® (open version) ReporterLeica M11 TagCase® (open version) Reporter
Crossbody Holster for Leica M und QCrossbody Holster for Leica M und Q
1-Second Camera Holster Jan1-Second Camera Holster Jan
1-Second Camera Holster Jan Sale priceHK$1,519.00
Leica M10 Half CaseLeica M10 Half Case
Leica M10 Half Case Sale priceHK$2,282.00
Leica Q2 Half Case (open version)Leica Q2 Half Case (open version)
Leica Q2 Half Case (open version) Sale priceHK$2,282.00
Oberwerth gift card 50€ - 2000€Oberwerth gift card 50€ - 2000€
Oberwerth gift card 50€ - 2000€ Sale priceFrom HK$453.97
Leica SL2 Half Case (open version)Leica SL2 Half Case (open version)